Invited lectures:

D. VossHuman Spaceflight and Operations Directorate, European Space Agency: ESA’s cooperative strategy and current programme in Materials Science in Space
P. SchumacherFoundry Institute, University of Leoben, Austria: Grain refinement
A. LudwigMontanuniversitaet Leoben, Metallurgy Department, Austria: Multiscale Modelling
U. HechtAccess e.V., Aachen, Germany: Eutectic solidification
Y.R. FautrelleGrenoble Institute of Technology, France: Magnetic Fields, Convection and Solidification
B.S. MurtyDept. of Metallurgical and Materials Eng., Madras, India: In-situ glass to crystal transition in Zr60Cu10Al15Ni15 bulk metallic glass
Z. FanBrunel University, UK: Liquid Metal Engineering and Its Implications to Solidification Science and Technologies
Plenary lectures:
L. Ratke et al.DLR, Cologne, Germany: The effect of magnetically controlled fluid flow on microstructure evolution in cast technical Al-alloys: The MICAST project
G. Zimmermann et al. Access e.V., Aachen, Germany: Germany Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing of AlSi7 alloys in Microgravity: The CETSOL project