Plenary and Invited Lectures

Plenary Lectures

Francisco Garcia-MorenoOverview of the µg-Foam ESA MAP project
Richard GrugelMicrogravity Materials Science Solidification Studies – An American Perspective
Ulrike HechtThe ESA-MAP project “GRADECET” - An overview of the joint research on solidification of TiAl-based alloys under hypergravity and microgravity conditions
Wim SillekensSpace for science: ESA’s microgravity research programme on materials science
Sonja SteinbachThe effect of magnetically controlled fluid flow on microstructure evolution in cast technical Al-alloys: The MICAST project
Gerhard ZimmermannColumnar and equiaxed solidification within the framework of the ESA MAP project CETSOL

Invited Lectures

Silvere AkamatsuReal-time dynamics of rod-like eutectic growth patterns on board the Iss: first results from TRANSPARENT ALLOYS
Peter GalenkoEffect of forced convection on dendritic growth: theoretical modeling and analysis of recent experimental results
Martin GlicksmanMelting in Microgravity: How crystallite shape changes led to new insights about interface dynamics
Laszlo GranasyPhase-field modeling of complex polycrystalline structures
Andrew MullisReduced Gravity Processing of Cu-Co Metastable Monotectic alloy
Henri NguyenThe In-situ analysis of thermoelectric magnetic effect by syncrotron X-radiography during directional solidification under static magnetic field
Markus RettenmayrSolidification of Al-Ni melts under terrestrial and microgravity conditions
Nils WarnkenLarge scale 3D tomography analysis of dendritic arrays in Al-10wt%Cu solidified under changing withdrawal rates
Menghuai WuA numerical study on the role of fragmentation in the as-cast structure
Hideyuki YasudaCharacterization of dendrite shape evolution in Fe-C system by using time-resolved X-ray tomography