Guidelines to Plenary Lectures and Oral Presentations

Session programme: Due to possible last minute changes, the program of individual sessions may deviate from what is outlined in the printed program. The final session program for each actual session will be highlighted at the entrance of session rooms on the notice board of the Conference Office.

Presentation format and uploading: At SG 13, plenary lectures and oral presentations can be supported by Powerpoint documents (alternatively: ADOBE PDF documents) which run on PCs. (Using the own PC is not supported!). If you need any other equipment please contact the SG 13 organizers well before the start of the conference. When the conference has started, we may not be able to adjust to specific individual requirements. Please make sure that your presentation is uploaded well before your presentation starts. The uploading possibility is in the mornings before the sections start at the conference office.

Session chairs: Session chairs are requested to meet the speakers of their sessions in the allotted lecture rooms at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their sessions. The session chairmen are responsible for keeping the program of SG 13 in time.

Session assistants: Session assistants with portable microphones assist the session chair. They will bring microphones to members of the audience who wish to ask questions and give technical help.

Presenting authors: Presenting authors should be in their lecture room 30 minutes before the start of their session. They should make sure that their PC presentation runs smoothly. They should also introduce themselves to the chairman of their session.

Duration of a plenary lecture: The total duration of a plenary lecture is 30 minutes. Therefore, the actual presentation should take 25 minutes which leaves 5 minutes for discussion.

Duration of an oral presentation: The total duration of an oral presentation is 20 minutes. Therefore, the actual presentation should take 15 minutes which leaves 5 minutes for discussion.

To all speakers: Please make every effort to keep your presentation in time.